About Us

The V-Rake Teeth Support System (VRTS System) was developed over a period of years as a result of a need on our ranch. We are a ranching and farming operation in central Nebraska. We rake and bale grass hay, alfalfa, rye, forage sorghum, corn stalks, wheat straw and anything else that will make feed for our cattle feeding operation.

In 1998, we purchased our first V-Rake. It was a great improvement to our operation as it saved time and improved the quality of the hay. However, while it raked well, we were not satisfied with the time spent straightening and replacing teeth. Through discussions with other operators it soon became apparent that we were not the only ones with these problems. Therefore, we began searching for a solution. Our patented VRTS System has undergone substantial testing and modification before we settled on the most proven design. The system allows for support of the rake teeth to prevent bending and breaking while allowing the rake to work mechanically as designed. The result is less down time and increased profitability.

We have raked and baled cornstalks for feed for 15 plus years. With limited time to bale the tons we needed in the fall, we normally double raked instead of swathing or shredding. We generally had to replace a substantial number of rake teeth for each 160 acres raked. With the VRTS System on our rake, we have found that we achieve the same results in one pass while breaking few, if any, teeth. This resulted in a huge increase in efficiency, saving time and labor costs. We have found similar results in raking other feed stuffs, particularly native prairie grasses on uneven terrain.

The VRTS System is a farmer/rancher designed product that is being produced and marketed by VRTS System, Inc., a farmer/rancher owned and operated company. The company is committed to providing the best customer service, design and manufacturing process available with the focus always on making life easier for you.